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Trusted OEM Hair Brush Manufacturer TOP5 Hair Brush Factory In CHINA

  • 25Years experience in hairbrush
  • We have 3 hair brush factroy in China
  • We have a design and production team of over 300 people.
  • From design to production to delivery to you in as little as 1 month!

Custom Hair Brush Service

The best custom hair brush manufacturers have a streamlined supply chain that takes your idea from conception to design to finished product in one fell swoop.

Self-Owned Hair Brush Factory

Our factory boasts modern and advanced facilities, allowing for precision manufacturing and efficient production processes.

Free Hair Brush Sample

We offer free hair brush samples to help you affirm your decision to invest in our quality hair brush options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

Product Categories

Junyibeauty - Premium Hair Brush Factory&Manufacturer

Dongguan JunYi Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional hairbrush manufacturer specializing in the sale of hairdressing products, boasting 25 years of experience. This extensive expertise equips us with excellent control over the supply chain, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

Our factory spans 10,000 square meters and employs over 300 skilled and experienced workers. With more than 50 automated machines and 8 production lines dedicated to daily comb production, we prioritize efficiency in our manufacturing processes.

Having manufactured for renowned brands such as Conair, Babyliss, Lily England, TRESemmé, Wet Brush, Goody, Denman, Ghd, and more, we showcase a proven track record in the industry. With rich experience in brush making, a team of skilled professionals, and reliable packaging suppliers, our products are distributed globally.

At Dongguan JunYi Beauty Technology Co., Ltd., we take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring our products meet the highest standards. Join us in elevating your hair care experience with our premium hairbrushes, trusted by customers worldwide.

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Our Experience

workers specialize in hairbrush products producing
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years experience in hairbrush
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Junyibeauty's annual output value is $ 20 million
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Design and Manufacture


We have 3 factories in China, for hair brush manufacturing, our factory has certificates of BSCI, FSC, and GRS factory audits.

Unleash your brand’s potential with our OEM Hair Brushes – where innovation meets customization. As your trusted partner, we offer a seamless OEM experience, tailoring each product to your unique specifications. Elevate your brand identity with our high-quality materials and precision manufacturing. Explore the limitless possibilities of customization, and let us bring your vision to life. Choose our OEM Hair Brushes for a distinctive and personalized touch that sets your brand apart.

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We help you avoid pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your hairbrush needs, on time and within budget.

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

Benefit from our wealth of experience as a hair brush factory, ensuring a deep understanding of industry nuances and quality standards.

Recyclable High-Quality Materials

We use a lot of recyclable and eco-friendly materials to produce our combs and our packaging,such as wheat straw,PLA,coconut fibre and coffee grounds.

Cost Savings

With 25 years of experience, we possess excellent control over the supply chain, making us cost-effective. Large-scale production in a factory setting leads to significant cost savings, thanks to the benefits of economies of scale.

Large-Scale Production Capability

With the ability to handle large-scale production.we can accommodate bulk orders and meet the demands of growing businesses.Daily Output=50,000pcs

Customization Options

Tailor our hair brushes to meet specific client needs through a variety of customization options, including design, materials, branding.color, package,shape and etc.

Global Clientele

Join a roster of satisfied clients worldwide, spanning Europe, America, and beyond, showcasing our ability to meet diverse market preferences.

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