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Hair Comb

We manufacturer high-quality plastic and wooden hair combs with an extensive range of variety. We manufacture and exports 9″ Ladies Combs, 8″ Ladies Comb, 7’Hair Combs, Pocket Combs, Handle Combs, Shampoo Combs, Brush Combs, Printed Combs and Family Pack.

We exclusively manufacture combs for other brands (EOM Manufacturing) on bulk orders.

Hair Comb


Best Hair Comb Manufacturer in China

  • With three production sites and extensive manufacturing capabilities, your plant is capable of mass production to effectively meet any of your needs.
  • With the team’s expertise, JUNYI excels in innovative design, making combs stand out in the marketplace and appealing to a wide range of customers seeking unique, stylish beauty accessories.
  • includes a specialized team of 300 professionals dedicated to the design and manufacturing of combs. Their expertise ensures high-quality products tailored to consumer needs and preferences.
  • Offer customization service and sample is available.


Hair Comb manufacturing video


Customized Hair Comb Solutions

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. Our experts will give you a reply within 24 hours and help you select the right hairbrush you want.

Provide the Pantone color number with initial C.

The usual printing method is pad printing, it is mostly used for monochrome logos within 5cm, and also supports bronzing and transfer printing.

 Supported. Cooperative packaging factories support various packaging customization.

Yes,OEM is welcome.7-10 days after samples confirmed.


hair comb

Seeking Top Hair Comb Manufacturers? Inquire Now!

As a leading custom hair comb manufacturer, we turn your vision into reality, crafting bespoke combs to embody the essence of your brand with precision and excellence.

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