Junyi beauty


Q MOQ(Minimum order Quantity)?

A Normally MOQ is 3000, but it can be reduced to 1000 for new customers or potential customers.

Q Customization?

A Supported, customized sample costs 300RMB for each style, provide 2-3 pieces samples by default(Negotiable if the quantity is required).

Q Sample delivery time, whether can be refunded?

A Delivery time is 7-10days, refund sample fee when mass order places.

Q Mass productions delivery time?

A Delivery time is 35-45 days. The specific time is based on the actual situation.

Q Whether to support to customized package?

A Supported. Cooperative packaging factories support various packaging customization.

Q Whether to accept the packaging provided by the customer?

A Accepted. Charge the corresponding labor cost according to the degree of difficulty.

Q How to customized color?

A Provide the Pantone color number with initial C.

Q Logo customzied?

A The usual printing method is pad printing, it is mostly used for monochrome logos within 5cm, and also supports bronzing and transfer printing.

Q Develop new mold?

A Supported to develop new mold, customers provide 3D drawings or graphic design drawings, we have structural engineers to cooperate with customers in structural design,
After confirming the drawings, a 3D prototype will be made to confirm the structure, and after confirmation, it will enter the formal mold opening stage. About 35 days finished.
The order quantity is 100000 free of mold fee, and the accumulated order of 100000 can refund the mold fee. The mold fee is evaluated according to the specific design.

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