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We have an excellent technical team

OEM/ODM -Custom hair brush manufacturers

With 25 years oem/odm hair beauty products experiences, oem hair beauty products manufacturers and odm hair beauty products manufacturers have been leading high-end hair beauty products manufacturers,including hair comb ,hair roller ,hair accessory ,hair brush vendors, that support and supply many international and micro brands in Europe, America and other countries over 40 markets.


Customer Inquiry

Send all informationand requirements tous: 1.Product Picture
3.Product Quantity


According to yourrequirements,oulsales will give theprice.


We will send you thesample for checkingthe quality.


We accept threeinspection methods.
1.customer inspection
2.Third part inspection
3.Self inspection


1.We have specializedstaff to follow your order.
2.We have QC to guarantee the quality
of the product.

Confirm order

1.Confirm quotation content.
2.Confirm product requirements.
3.Confirm payment terms.
4.Confirm lead time


1.Balance confirmation
2.Labeling shipping marks
3.Confirm the consignee information
4.Arrange delivery

Logistics tracking

1.Follow up logistics information and inform the customer
2.Send essential documents to customer
3.Confirm goods

After sales

You received theproducts are thebeginning of our services, not the endof the order.

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Quality First

The quality is not only “Products Quality”, but also including “Service Quality”

Employee Care

The quality is not only “Products Quality”, but also including “Service Quality”

Volunteer Service

The quality is not only “Products Quality”, but also including “Service Quality”

Why Choose Us

We are experienced OEM & ODM for cosmetic products

Design your own product to have unique competitiveness. We are an experienced manufacturer and skilled designer with 25 years of experience. Our manufacturing specialist endeavor to help you complete and perfect your product by solving issues in supply and manufacturing.

custom hair brush manufacturers

Get a free sample from JUNYI

Whether you are looking for custom designed combs or one of our existing finished combs, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal on a free sample, most of our current customers test our products and are amazed at the quality of our products before working with us. You are welcome to submit your specific needs, we will reply you within 24 hours and give you satisfactory results.

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